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Updated Jan 2013

Today, the Southern Pine Pattern Market is as crowded as all other markets. We know you can have your pick of suppliers and we would like for you to choose us. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a pattern supplier.

  • Since 1907, the McShan name has been synonymous with quality.
  • We use only our own stock. Unlike many pattern suppliers, we do not buy any outside wood. We control the manufacturing process from the log to the finished product.
  • We take great care in drying our lumber properly. The majority of our products are used for indoor applications. Our lumber goes to stair builders, ladder manufacturers and furniture companies in addition to being used for pattern stock. We understand the importance of moisture content for lumber used in-doors. All our wood is dried in steam fired kilns.
  • Boards are our primary production . Unlike many high production mills that make boards as a by-product, we saw specifically for boards.
  • We have been doing this a long time. We have many long time employees with years of experience. We are happy to share that experience to help you sell lumber and avoid problems.
  • We provide consistent quality and do what we say we will do.